It is a bed or slow-acting mechanism, it rises slowly until you reach an uncomfortable sleeping position, forcing you to get up. The dimensions of the bed are 200cm x 090cm x 050cm up to 200cm x 150cm x 060cm.

The mechanism is simple, it is a spring installed designed to make the rise smooth, it is connected to the current from a battery which will mean that it does not have to be connected to the current for 30 days.


Bed + Mechanism: €2,000

Mechanism: €1,500

To purchase this product you must go to the physical store that will be marked on this map:


Sizes: 200cm x 090cm x 050cm up to 200cm x 150cm x 060cm

Duration time until max inclined: max. 30 sec, min 0.3 sec.

Battery life: 60 days

Dispositiu de control: No necesita carga gracies a la bateria, semblant al relotje de andriod + personalització